Gymna Shockmaster 300 Portable Therapy

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Gymna ShockMaster 300 for sale
Manufacturer year : 2018
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Gymna ShockMaster 300 is a portable shockwave device with a built-in air compressor, ideal for treatment anytime and anywhere. It is small and lightweight, easy to install. It offers ideal working conditions, with perfect viewing angle and thanks to silent air compressor is achieved optimum communication between therapist and patient.
It is a realistic alternative to surgery that improves mobility, stimulates metabolism and removes fibrosis and calcifications.

Include :
- Carrying case (optional)
- 15 mm treatment head.
- D-Actor 20 mm treatment head.
- Deep Impact applicator and 4 revisions.

Max. frequency: 17 Hz.
Max. the frequency with V-Actor: 31 Hz.
Max. pressure: 4 bar. 

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