Zeiss OPMI Neuro NC4 Surgical Microscope

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Zeiss OPMI Neuro NC-4 Surgical Microscope
Manufacturer year : 2010
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
The Zeiss OPMI Neuro NC-4 Surgical Microscopes is one of the most successful neurosurgical systems by Zeiss. It has been established as one of the best-integrated imaging systems. With its legendary optics and ergonomic innovations, making it the ideal microscope for most neurological suites. The OPMI Neuro NC-4 is one of the first Zeiss Surgical microscopes to integrate a Heads-UP Display and AutoFocus. This scope will accommodate most neuro-navigational systems. The immediate precursor to Zeiss’ latest Opmi Pentero, this was a Zeiss standard for many years. When Zeiss engineered this system, they had in mind easy balancing as well as seamless integration of the optics, mechanics, and electronics. This microscope doesn’t stray too far from the bells and whistles of the Pentero, while cutting the price tag by more than half.
- Optional Side Observer.
- Face to face bridge.
- Variable, Motorized Focal Distance
- 0-180 degree inclinable binoculars
- Easy Balancing
- Brilliant.
- Clear Optics.

Include :
- Zeiss Opmi Neuro Microscope.
- NC-4 Floorstand.
- F 170 binoculars tube.
- Superlux 301 illuminator & Light guide.
- 300 W Xenon Light w/Halogen Backup.
- Fiber Optic Cable.
- Footswitch.

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