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Zeiss OPMI ORL Surgical Microscope

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Sale Zeiss OPMI ORL Surgical Microscope
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Technical Data:
- It is a universal microscope used in general or other surgery such as dental procedures.
- The microscope has high-quality optics.
- Functions of the microscope: - Electrically controlled: smooth adjustment of the zoom (zoom) and focus (focus) 
- Smooth regulation of the light intensity.

- Smooth adjustment of the total magnification of the optics from 5x to 30x using a grip on the handle
- Smooth focusing with the handle on the handle
- Focal length of the lens: f = 250 mm
- Magnification of the doctor's glasses1: 12.5x
- Magnification of the doctor's glasses2: 12.5x
- Adjustable tilt angle (0-180) of the doctor's view1
- Adjusting the distance between the glasses
- Correction of vision defects at both tubes
- S5 tripod.
- Light source: 1 x 100 Watt halogen
- A beam of light transmitted to the optics by means of optical fiber
- A double brake system located at the base of the microscope

- Height of the microscope: (minimum: 160 cm - maximum: 190 cm) 
- The maximum distance from the objective lens to the column: 143 cm.
- Basis: 64 x 68 cm.