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Sale NIDEK NV-350 Automatic optometer

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Sale Nidek NV-350 Automatic Optometer
Manufacturer year : 2018
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
- Measurement starts automatically just by looking into it, and you can automatically check your eyesight without the need for an examiner. In addition, voice guidance assists the operation.
- The measurement mode can be changed from fully automatic to semi-automatic and manual measurement.
- Lightweight and compact body that can be installed anywhere. Equipped with a carrying handle on the top of the body for easy portability.
- We respond to various requests during long-distance (5m) visual acuity, near-distance (50cm) visual acuity, remeasurement of only one eye, and medical examination.
- Many settings are possible with the touch panel controller.
- Audio guides in 4 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Portuguese) are available.
- There is no need to adjust the interpupillary distance.
- It is possible to identify people with low vision from the outside with the notification lamp.
- Built-in Kana-Kanji high-speed printer. Comes with an auto cutter function. Printing with ABCD judgment based on visual acuity judgment criteria at school is also possible.
- The RS-232C connector for external communication is equipped as standard, and measurement data can be output.

- Nidek NV-350 (main body)
- Accessories
- Carrying case