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Nidek YC1800 yag Laser Ophthalmic

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Nidek YC-1800 YAG Laser System
Manufacturer year : 2013
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
- One-Touch Lock, The unit can be easily fixed and released with the one-touch lock.
- Compact Design, As Nidek’s smallest and lightest laser, the YC-1800 is easy to transport.
- Super Adjustable Nd:YAG Offset, Focus shift allows adjustments of the offset ±500 microns in 25 micron steps intervals.
- Improved Operability, An “S-Switch” on the YC-1800’s joystick allows the user to change parameters (energy up, energy down and ready/standby) while holding the joystick. It also facilitates faster, easier operation and eliminates the need to look away from oculars to make parameter adjustments.
- Reliable Output, The unique D-Pulse of the YC-1800 laser controls the pulse number under the CPU.
- Fast Operation, High speed firing rate of 3Hz
- Multiple Energy Settings, 0.3-10mJ, adjustable in increments of 0.1mJ

Type: Nd : YAG
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Mode Structure: Fundamental
Pulse duration: 4 nsec
Mode of operation: Q-switched
Pulse repetition rate: 3 Hz (single) / 1.5 Hz (burst)
Output energy: 0.3 - 10.0 mJ / pulse (continuously variable)
Burst mode: 2 or 3 pulse / trigger
Spot size: 8 µm
Cone angle: 16º
Focal Shift: 0-500 µm (continuously variable, toward both anterior chamber and posterior chamber)

Aiming laser Beam
Type: Diode laser
Wavelength: 635 nm
Output power: OFF, 0.5 - 25 µW
Cone angle: 16º
Aiming method: Dual beam method
Rotation of beam: 360º
Slit lamp
Objective lens: f = 130 mm
Eye piece: 12.5 x
Magnification (field of view):
32 x (6.2 mm), 20 x (10 mm),
12.5 x (16 mm), 8 x (25 mm),
5 x (40 mm)
Power Supply:
Single-phase, 100 to 240 Vac, 50 / 60 Hz, 100 VA
Dimensions and Weight:
12.8 (W) x 16 (D) x 20.8 (H) "/ 35.3 lbs

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