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Lumenis Versapulse PowerSuite Holmium Laser

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Sale Lumenis VersaPulse Powersuite 100W Holmium Laser
Manufacturer year : 2006
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Features :
The Holmium Yag-Laser is the most versatile machine for all kinds of kidney, ureter or urinebladder stones, also, you can treat uretral strictures, also you can resect or enucleate medium to big prostates, without the necessity of continuos bladder irrigation after the resection
- Nearly New 100 Watts Power Versapulse Holmium Yag Laser Machine From Lumenis
- Mainly Used In Urology To Break All Kind Of Stones, Treat Urinebladder Tumours As Uretral Strictures
- Also For Kidney Stones, And Prostate Ablation Or Enucleation (Holap And Holep)

Include :
- Goggles
- Scissors
- Inspection Scope
- Power Cord
- Foot Pedal
- System Key
- Protective Eyewear
- Owner's Manual
- Black Bag.