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Leica M500N OHS-1 Neurosurgery Microscope

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Sale Leica M500N OHS-1 Stand Neuro Microscope
Manufacturer year : 2008
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
- Magnification: electric zoom 1:6
- Focus mechanism: Electric multi-focus adjustment Manual focus (OHS-1 stand)
- Working distance: electric multifocal adjustment: 207 mm to 407 mm
- Total magnification: 13.5  1.4  (10 eyepiece used)
- Field of view diameter: 16 mm to 150 mm (10  eyepiece used)
- Main light source: 300W xenon lamp light source spare: 21V 150W halogen lamp
- Stand: 6-axis electromagnetic brake with floor stand.

Stand height: 2,110 (mm)
Arm length: up to 1,840 (mm)
Weight: 275 (kg)

Include :
- The main body complete (M500N)
- Stand (OHS-1)